Maumu the Village


Maumu’s Chief


Location of Maumu

The village of Maumu is situated on Mount Cameroon’s foot, not far from the city of Buea in Cameroon’s South West region. It has some 6000 population, living mainly in wooden houses. Roads are unpaved so during wet season hardly passable. The people are kind and friendly, but employment could be much better. Most of them have small farms here in cocoa and tomato growing. Youth is jobless or helping on the farm once in a while. Illnesses are abundant because of lack of hygiene or following a way of life which is undermining health. Most people would like to have the circumstances been improved and they are positive as for contributing to it.

The Sports and Development project is meant to stimulate activities and to improve health and social cohesion. Starting by training young boys and girls in the village in doing sports as well as receiving education in so called life skills, in the end more and more men and women will become active and responsible villagers. Finally the village as a whole will be benefited by this project socially as well as economically.


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