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Education is the key you our youth’s future. Educate, childhood, youth, success.

                                       Maumu Youth Sports and Development
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The founders of MY S&D are touched by the enduring miserable conditions of many young people living in
Cameroon’s South West region. We now know the village of Maumu for five years and have many contacts in
that community. In this village, many youth live in poverty as well as under bad social circumstances, having
neither goals nor expectations for their lives. Illnesses occur abundantly, among them HIV/AIDS, malaria and
other tropical illnesses. The dangers and causes of these illnesses can be rather easily be reduced, but are
receiving very little attention.
MY S&D’s vision for sports and socio-educational development for youth will certainly bring a crucial positive
change for youth as well as for the village as a whole in terms of improvement of quality of life, employment,
economy and social coherence. The village of Maumu can become an appealing example for the MY S&D
program to be spread over Cameroon’s South West Region.
MY S&D primarily wants to make a difference in Maumu village. The village has a population of
6000, and like Cameroon as a whole, 60% of them are young people under 25. About 1200 out of this
group are between 15 and 25. Many youth older than 14 lack education, are jobless or condemned to
mind-numbing activities in and around the house. All these result in risky social relationships, untimely
and high teenage pregnancies, high prevalence of HIV/AIDS and other diseases, lack of self respect
and no prospect of a dignified future.
MY S&D’s mission therefore is helping the village and its youth in particular to: get out of isolation;
provide opportunities for development; reduce arrears in education; improve social relationships;
increase self respect; and ultimately give the village as a community an impulse to further social and                      
economic development.
MY S&D wishes to reach its goals by developing and executing programs in which sports and
education/personal development as well as economic improvement go together. This makes the MY S&D
program in particular distinctive.
Sports and Development
“Football is the universal language of scores of millions of people around the world, including
countless children and teenagers. But the sport is more than just a game; it’s a positive lifestyle. It’s a
way to promote a peaceful approach to conflict resolution. It’s a tool for wooing a young body away
from the lures of drugs, unsafe sex, or violence. It’s a way to help ensure that young people grow up
healthy, fit and full of self-esteem. UNICEF uses the game of football in various other ways, from
helping children recover from trauma to encouraging their physical and emotional development. It also
sees football as a valuable educational tool, a familiar setting in which to bring potentially life-saving
information to hard-to-reach youth. In these and many other ways, football can help young people
reclaim their childhood in situations where it has been forcibly put on hold”.(
This quote’s content exactly represents what MY S&D aims to work for to realize the goals mentioned.
The Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB) supports this project and will gladly provide
information on it if required. Mr. Johan van Geijn, International CSR Projects/WorldCoaches at KNVB
can be contacted for this through MY S&D. (
Execution of our mission
MY S&D has chosen to develop programs in order to promote development opportunities for youth in
Cameroon’s South West Region, particularly in the village of Maumu, by facilitating sport activities.
These activities include building of accommodations and facilities as well as promoting participation in
training, competitions and tournaments.
Next to this, opportunities are provided for older people to follow education to improve knowledge of
language and communication, to learn practicing social skills, to improve hygiene, to raise awareness
in the importance of it as well as education in HIV/AIDS prevention and avoiding other diseases.
Towards sustainability and independence
In the forthcoming 4-5 years, we will be elaborating on a model aiming to make the program
sustainable and to finally make the project independent of most external support.
In the first place we think of gaining income by providing facilities and training materials for rent as
well as developing activities in hospitality industry.
Furthermore there exist opportunities to organize market activities on the sports premises, such as
selling agricultural products produced by local farmers (mostly small farmers in cocoa, tomatoes and
bananas). This will make the sports facilities also the heart of the social and economic improvement of
the village of Maumu.
Where are we presently after barely half a year from the start.
There is a selection of 25 boys aged 16 to 20. In the beginning of 2014, also the start of MY S&D, they
were what one might call “street footballers”. But recently as Maumu Youth FC, they won the
championship in the Third Division competition in Cameroon’s South West region by surpassing 15
other teams. A unique performance by a brand new team, trained by a naturally gifted coach. Maumu
Youth FC will soon join the Second Division competition.
The team’s players are like icons for the rest of Maumu youth, who in turn already start to imitate the
team players’ behavior. These days activities like handball for girls and football for the benjamins are
being organized during school holidays. Never before opportunities like these existed in Maumu.
The playground/football pitch has been leveled. The holes and unevenness, that caused a lot of injuries,
are repaired. New grass is growing to welcome matches in the Second Division.
Maumu’s Chief and Council gladly support all these activities and developments in words and actions.
Next steps to be taken are mainly to improve the sports facilities in the village and at the same time
keeping the activities going.
Co-operation and support
MY S&D is looking for partnerships and support to achieve its goals. For the four years period the
program is projected, the funds we need are about € 160.000,- . In 2014 we were able to collect some €
18.000,-. Not too bad for a start, but of course we need more in the coming years to see our ideals come
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